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Vibrant, fancy and endearing!

There are vibrant singles in your local region. This is a fancy event. The atmosphere is endearing. Should you choose no one for your date card, the next event is for free!

Go to speed dating events!

Speed dating is a game of round-robin and musical chairs. There are 8 women and 8 men in attendance. The women stay seated. The men rotate tables. The dates are 8 minutes in length. There are 4 dates, a break, then another 4 dates and so on until each person has been coupled with one another for a single date.

At the end of the speed dating event paper date cards are completed by speed dating event participants using a pen. Should both the man and the women write eachother’s handle, alias or number on the date card then detailed contact information is exchanged.

Get tickets for tonight!

Tickets are purchased with Paypal. The tickets are for the men and the women, respectively. Generally, there are 8 tickets for men and 8 tickets for women available for each local speed dating event.

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Speed dating events



Elegant local singles looking, acting and being their best


Endearing, heart-felt and hot local singles


Compatible singles laughing, drinking and sharing with eachother


A great chance to get a phone number of a prospect for a new relationship





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Warm Hearts

Tuesday, February 9

The sun is shining. The local singles of Orillia, Ontario, Canada will meet at McCabes during the evening of speed dating to appreciate the finer points of the local fauna.

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Tuesday, February 16

In the case you are looking to seed a new relationship in hopes of blossoming into a bountiful garden of love, please attend the flirtatious night of speed dating held at St. Dave’s Diner in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

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Call me!

Tuesday, February 23

Invest in a new friend. Met local Midland, ON, CA singles at a fine event. Get physical. Meet the right person from the right crowd. Spot a hottie! The speed dating event is to be held at Kelsey’s.

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I was pleasantly surprised. There really was no pressure. I found it to be kind of fun. What really surprised me was that you did actually have real conversations with people. Not just superficial “bar talk”. You focused on the person, and really tried to find some common ground. Everyone was fun to talk to. I would do it again.




This is a photograph of a pub style restaurant.

McCabes Lounge

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

This is a photograph of a pub style restaurant.

The Coach & Horses

Lindsay, Ontario, Canada

This is a photograph of a pub style restaurant.

Kelsey’s Casual Dining

Midland, Ontario, Canada

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The speed dating event was a colossally awesome experience. For a single person, I can not imagine a more fun, better way to put yourself out there in a fun, non-threatening environment that provides you with the opportunity to meet a ton of people, potentially get to know a few people with whom you’d like to better acquaint yourself, and gain a bit of confidence. Most importantly, it was, bar none, the most fun, incredible singles experience I’ve ever had!




Who attends speed dating events?

Many different people attend Speed Date Canada events, but I have found that one of the things they have in common, is that they are usually intelligent professionals who have just not found that special someone yet. Most people who attend are busy professionals, but due to a fast paced life have not had the time to meet many other singles. People who attend our events are motivated people willing to get out there and meet others just like them. You would be surprised by the number of people now married that met while speed dating. Then again, should you be surprised? Speed Date Canada sets a relaxed social environment that brings single people together so they can find exactly what they are looking for. You can quickly eliminate everyone you are not interested in and instead focus on the people with whom you do share an interest.

Where are the events and is there privacy?

Speed Date Canada events generally take place in a private room of either a restaurant, bar, or lounge. Many times I choose lounges or bars which are closed to the public during the time of our event. I try to make our events as private as possible.

I think I am too nervous to try something like this – any tips?

Many people new to speed dating may be nervous about attending an event. However, there is absolutely no reason to be nervous – everyone at the event is just like you – single and looking to meet other singles. The events are very low pressure, organized and take place in a structured setting. You never have to worry about approaching someone at Speed Date Canada events, because they are expecting and waiting for you to approach them! Don’t let nerves stop you from an opportunity to meet someone great!

What exactly is speed dating?

Speed dating is a fun and fast paced way to meet a lot of other singles in your area, who are also looking to find someone special. The women are all seated at different tables while the men rotate every 8 minutes until everyone has met. At the end of each 8 minute “mini-date” a bell will ring and participants secretly circle yes or no on their Speed Date Canada date card depending on their interest. Participants take their date card home and log in to the digital internet application, to make their selections. If there is a match, both select yes to one another, then each are given the others email address. They can then get back in touch right away to talk more, exchange phone numbers and set up a second date!

Why 8 minutes?

I have tried different time increments, but have found that 8 minutes works best. I found that most people know in just several minutes if they would like to get to know someone better or not. This is the purpose of speed dating events to bring multiple singles together in order to find other singles they would like to know better and set up real dates with. If you really hit it off with someone and want to talk longer, stay when the event is over and mingle at the after party.

I don’t want to try it alone – will I feel awkward if I do?

There is no reason to feel awkward about attending an event alone. In fact, 90% of the people attending an event come alone. I have fantastic hosts and our events are very structured so you will never feel as if you don’t know what is going on. Once at an event you will be paired at a table with someone and engaged in conversation, therefore having a friend with you is not necessary. However, people do have a great time when they bring along their friends. Ladies - Our events make a great ladies night out as well, so encouraged your single girlfriends to join you!

What if there isn’t anyone at the event I am interested in?

I are so confident our events work that you can come back for FREE if there isn’t anyone at the event you are interested in! To receive a free pass to another event, you must be there for the entire event and log in to within 48 hours of the event ending and select no to everyone. Thus, indicating you did not see anyone there you were interested in seeing again. If you circle yes to one person, regardless if you match with them or not, you are not be eligible for a free pass. You are eligible for one free pass per paid event. It is usually rare that I have someone with no interest in anyone at an event, but it can happen so the free pass takes the worry out of signing up.

How much are the events?

The regular price for our events is $35. However, most of our events do offer an early sign up rate of only $30 if you are signed up more than 1 week before the event date. After that, the rate goes to the normal $35 rate. The $2 off early sign up rate encourages early sign-ups because it makes it much easier for me to prepare for the event when people are signed up more than a week in advance. The event fee also helps keep it a professional type crowd that is serious about finding other singles looking for a relationship. If the events were cheaper, they would bring out a different type of crowd that is not really serious about meeting that special someone. Keep in mind that if there isn’t anyone at the event you are interested in you can select no to everyone and come back to another event for FREE! I want you to meet someone you are interested in and this ensures that you will!

If I come to another event, will I meet the same people again?

At our events you meet all new people every time you attend - unlike other speed dating services where you may be paying just to meet the same people over and over again. Many people match at one event and start dating a few days later. For some it may take a few events before they really meet the person they are looking for. Give it time - it will happen and this is the absolute best way to find that special someone. The person you have been searching for might be there that night or they might be 3 events away. Even if this is the case, I will always be hosting fun events until that someone does come along!

Why should I choose Speed Date Canada over similar services?

Be careful in choosing your speed dating service. Many reasons set Speed Date Canada apart from others. Some national speed dating companies have events in hundreds of cities and seem to spread themselves too thin. This results in many of their events being cancelled due to a lack of signups. I focus hard on a handful of cities and that is one reason Speed Date Canada events quickly become the most popular speed dating events in those cities and tend to experience much better turnouts. Also be caeful of fly-by-night local companies mentioning cheap events as you may arrive only to find 2 other people signed up or a group of people who are not really serious about finding the right person to date.

You say the popularity of Speed Date Canada is increasing. Why do you think that is?

For a number of reasons.

In our busy work and social lives this is a great way to meet a lot of people, face to face, in a short amount of time, for a reasonable price

It’s a great way for people who are new to the area to meet a potential partner and / or make new friends

It is also a great avenue to meet potential business contacts

It provides the opportunity in six minutes to form an immediate impression of someone and whether or not you are interested in getting to know them better

It is conducted in a fun, safe, controlled and private environment

What do you think it takes to be successful at speed dating in rural Ontario?

You have to bring your positive attitude and smile. You are not the only one who is nervous. No talking about ex(es). Don’t be overly enthusiastic and call your match five or more times the day you get your matches. That might seem a little scary.

Since you usually hold the events at bars have you ever had anyone “loosen” themselves up too much?

I’ve had a few ladies get tipsy. They show up with this match sheet that’s completely illegible.

Any grand advice to future Speed Date Canada customers?

Don’t wear jeans, don’t wear jeans, don’t wear jeans.It’s definitely business casual.

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Way better than the online dating thing. Great way to meet people without a lot of pressure. The time limit makes it easy to talk with people (or get out of a conversation that just isn’t clicking.) Well organized. All the women are seated and the guys move from one person to the next every 8 minutes. For us guys, it is like going to a buffet and for women the guys are on a lazy-susan that spins every 8 minutes to the next item. Much better experience than online or the bar scene. Everybody’s there for the same reason. Highly recommended!


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What a wonderful and LOW stress event. I was a total newbie and was soooo nervous. The host was very welcoming and put the group at ease right away. I was impressed by how organized it was…The pool of “dates” was great. I met several people I would love to get to know better. I would highly recommend these events!